By Craig Gabriel

PARIS: How awesome was Serena Williams once again? The world No.1 is through to the quarterfinals of the French Open and she did it with a 6-1, 6-3 victory over Roberta Vinci of Italy. It is her eighth time in the quarters or better.

She will now take on Svetlana Kuznetsova in what is a battle between two players who have been winners at Roland Garros.

The win put her on a 28 match win streak but Serena is not fazed by that. Instead she looks at the bigger picture.

“I honestly don’t even consider it like a streak,” she said. “Every day everybody is like, ‘you’re on this streak’. But for me it’s about winning the matches. It’s like I don’t care to be on a streak.  I don’t care not to be on a streak. I just want to win this match. I want to win this match. I want to win this match.

“If that means it’s going to be consecutive and it’s going to be streaks, that’s great, but at the end of the day, I just want to hold up the winner’s trophy and whatever it takes to get there.”

There are many observers in tennis who believe that Serena is playing the best tennis of her career. People on Twitter are questioning if anyone can take more than three games from her.

The lady is just striking the ball with such precision, with such power and with some wonderful touch as a topspin lob over Vinci in the second set proved. It landed a foot inside the baseline and it was impossible for the Italian to retrieve it. It was the point of the match.

“I think now (my game) is definitely really consistent and every match I’m really, I think, focused for the whole period of time, the whole time. I think I just really want it, every match,” Serena said.

“Doubles (has) definitely helped me. I have a really good volley because of doubles. When I go to the net, I know where to cover and what to do. I know what shots to expect. You know, I can hit lobs really well because in doubles you have to use them. I use them a lot in doubles.”

Now her attention swings to playing Svetlana. It will be their ninth meeting and Serena has won six times, however they have not played since 2009.

“It will be a good match,” said Serena. “I mean, the last time we played here she won, so that will probably get her pumped up and she’s on a comeback. She has nothing to lose but everything to gain. She also wants to do well, and this is ‑‑ she’s won this tournament before.

“So it’s not going to be an easy match for me, and I think ‑‑ I have had some pretty tough matches this clay‑court season this year, and I think for sure that will be another one. But it will be a good job for me to see how I go there.”